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Family Activities

Youth Park

Open Friday through Sunday, the Youth Park is a hot spot for families, a mini-SunFest with kid-size fun, activities and entertainment. The Youth Park is a playful way for our youngest patrons and the young at heart to spend the afternoon.


Coming to the festival with a child? Take advantage of our free Tag-a-Kid service. Stop by the information centers where we will take down your contact information and give your child a specially numbered wristband. Should the two of you get separated, we’ll have a way to reconnect you.

Youth Tickets

Don’t forget: Kids 5 and under are FREE! Kids 6-12: $10 in advance, $12 at the gate.

SunFest & The Community

Kids’ Day

As a community partner, SunFest has a tradition of opening the festival early on Friday to welcome over 200 children, all with special needs of varying degrees.  Activities, gifts, music, food and loving attention are offered to each child as they enjoy SunFest in their very own way.  This program has continued to grow and has embraced thousands of special needs children since its inception.
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