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If your company is seeking to increase name recognition, introduce a new product, or build customer loyalty, SunFest offers unique branding opportunities.

On-Site Promotions

On-Site Promotions introduce your company or product to approximately 165,000 patrons in a fun, unique atmosphere. Providing interactive games or register to win promotions creates excitement for the festival patron and puts your name and employees in front of thousands of people having a great time at SunFest.

Event Signage

Event Signage at SunFest offers a number of specific opportunities to brand your company logo. By sponsoring a special activity or area at SunFest your company’s name and logo will be in the spotlight taking awareness of your company to new heights.


Advertising can be as unique as stamping children with your logo as they enter the gates or as traditional as radio, newspaper and printed collateral materials. SunFest generates a $4 million advertising campaign over a six-week window leading up to the festival.

Social Media

Social Media has become an integral part of SunFest’s marketing campaign.

  • Facebook Fans: 26,900
  • Facebook updates include sponsor promotions
  • SunFest website: 477,423 unique visitors with over 3.7 million page views
  • SunFest email alerts: 20
  • SunFest online subscribers: 48,800

95% of our 2011 Sponsors were very satisfied with SunFest from a branding perspective

95% of our 2011 Sponsors were very satisfied with the Community impact they generated at SunFest

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