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Are you seeking to increase SALES?

Distribute thousands of Samples and Coupons to patrons like Hawaiian Tropic who distributed over 100,000 samples of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen during the festival.

Showcase your products through live marketing, interaction with patrons allowed Verizon Wireless to demonstrate the latest in cellular technology.  Thousands of patrons became potential Verizon Customers through hands on experience in an exciting and fun atmosphere.

Discount Promotions offer companies the opportunity to drive traffic to their retail locations generating incremental sales and business relationship building.  The TD Bank Ticket Discount to SunFest drove traffic to TD Bank Stores by offering patrons a deeply discounted multi day ticket to the Event.

“We have been a proud sponsor of SunFest for the past 7 seasons and each year it continues to over perform.  As our needs in the market have changed, the team at SunFest evolved with us and they continue to develop creative programs to help drive traffic in to the TD Bank locations across Palm Beach County.”
- Bryan Feuerberg, Vice President Field Marketing, TD Bank