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02 May Kaskade: Coast to Coast

I’m incredibly spoiled to live the life I do, I know. Every penny I make, every hour of vacation time I earn all goes to concerts and music festivals. This lifestyle allows me to see many artists I love and respect on multiple occasions. One...

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02 May A Modern Day Fantasia

When I think of the word “violin,” my mind is filled with the images and sounds of an orchestra. I envision a reserved musician and classical serenades. But after tonight I’m confident I’ll associate the gorgeous string instrument with something new: Lindsey Stirling. Last night the...

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01 May Start The Weekend With Morning Fatty

Tomorrow, Florida grown, funk/rock/reggae band Morning Fatty will set the stage for headliner 311. It was in 2003 that John Pop and Jared McEachran bonded over a common love for punk and ska music, and began to play with the idea of forming a band of...

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03 May A Doobie and Doll Dilemma

[caption id="attachment_3708" align="alignnone" width="417"] Photo by: Chris Salata[/caption] There are only a few times I wish I could truly clone myself (one of me is more than enough for this world, I assure you) but last night I would have succumed to a hundred mouth swabs...

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03 May Review: Young the Giant

[caption id="attachment_3703" align="alignnone" width="371"] Photo By: Chris Salata[/caption]  I wrote in my first blog post of the season that one of my top bands to see was California’s Young the Giant. I had becoming smitten with the band of talented indie rock boys back in 2010,...

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