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14 Apr Local Natives: Part 2

As promised, I have big plans to preview all Florida-grown bands in a special section I like to call, “Local Natives.” (I secretly hope the band doesn’t play Florida anytime soon to avoid confusion.) Today I’d like to share another handful of local acts that you...

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05 May SunFest’s Saturday in Review

I could not wait for the gates to open Saturday morning so I could grab a spot to see one of my favorite U.K. rock bands. I had previewed The Chevin prior to their SunFest debut as one of the acts not to miss during...

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04 May Don’t Miss The Jonnie Morgan Band

[caption id="attachment_2943" align="aligncenter" width="409"] Photo by AWOL Photo, LLC[/caption] When I saw Jonnie Morgan’s name on the SunFest lineup I let out a little cheer. The handsome and humble songwriter and musician is a fellow University of Central Florida alum. I have had the pleasure of...

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