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Duran Duran and Meghan Trainor perform at Sunfest, Florida's largest waterfront art and music festival, on Wednesday, April 27 2016. 

Photo by Chris Salata for Sunfest 
Copyright 2016

28 Apr Sparkle and Shine with Meghan Trainor

[caption id="attachment_6086" align="alignleft" width="467"] Chris Salata for Sunfest | Copyright 2016[/caption] The first day of SunFest 2016 has wrapped. I can hardly believe it! After months of waiting for this beautiful week, it is here and I trying so hard not to blink so I don’t miss...

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30 Apr Wilco at the Wheel

Wednesday evening was one of the most perfect opening days for SunFest I can recall. The weather gods directed all rain to the north and south of West Palm Beach. Light gray skies and a salty breeze kept attendees cool and protected from the sun. I...

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04 May Daughtry Returns To SunFest

[caption id="attachment_3734" align="alignnone" width="630"] Photo by: Chris Salata[/caption] A little rain never deters Floridians on a mission. Yesterday’s mission was to pack a Saturday full of great shows by the sea. Pat yourself on the back if you spent the day with us. You deserve an...

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03 May Review: Young the Giant

[caption id="attachment_3703" align="alignnone" width="371"] Photo By: Chris Salata[/caption]  I wrote in my first blog post of the season that one of my top bands to see was California’s Young the Giant. I had becoming smitten with the band of talented indie rock boys back in 2010,...

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01 May Day One: The Kid and the Cake

[caption id="attachment_3664" align="alignnone" width="630"] Photo by: Chris Salata[/caption] SunFest 2014 is in full swing. Yesterday at 5 p.m., under a blissfully cloudy sky, West Palm Beach’s fantastic festival welcomed thousands of excited fans. As far as opening days go, yesterday was one of the best I...

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