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30 Apr Lenny Kravitz Kicks Off SunFest

You can’t kick off five days of sun, music, art, and delicious drinks without a party. Thankfully, Lenny Kravitz, the Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter, record producer, actor and model (He is a model, right?), was on the Ford Stage to jump start our hearts. First off, I’d...

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30 Apr Wilco at the Wheel

Wednesday evening was one of the most perfect opening days for SunFest I can recall. The weather gods directed all rain to the north and south of West Palm Beach. Light gray skies and a salty breeze kept attendees cool and protected from the sun. I...

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29 Apr The Wonders of Wilco

In all my years of fanatically attending bar shows, concerts, and music festivals it’s amazing to me that I haven’t brushed up against a stage with the cool and reserved Wilco. I was thrilled to learn Jeff Tweedy, the founder, and his fellow musicians would be...

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01 May Day One: The Kid and the Cake

[caption id="attachment_3664" align="alignnone" width="630"] Photo by: Chris Salata[/caption] SunFest 2014 is in full swing. Yesterday at 5 p.m., under a blissfully cloudy sky, West Palm Beach’s fantastic festival welcomed thousands of excited fans. As far as opening days go, yesterday was one of the best I...

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30 Apr And It Begins!

Today is the day! The first day of SunFest 2014! An important nugget of advice is to pace yourself over the next five days. There will be a lot of sunshine. There will be much dancing. Delicious, refreshing drinks will be thoroughly enjoyed. Try not to...

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