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Water Taxi

SunFest is not just for land-bound travelers, boaters are always welcome to anchor in the Intracoastal Waterway in front of the SunFest site and take the water taxi to the festival’s waterfront gate. (FOR ANCHORED BOATERS)

Hours of Operation:

Wednesday: 5pm – 11pm
Thursday: 5pm – 11pm
Friday: 5pm – 11:30pm
Saturday: Noon – 11:30pm
*Sunday: Noon – 10pm


$5.00 round trip. Guest will be provided a ticket that is required for the second leg of the trip. If the guest cannot produce the ticket they will be charged another $5.00.

*On Sunday Water Taxi service will be suspended from 8:30pm until the Fireworks Show is completed (approximately 9:20pm).

Guest will need to hail Towboat U.S. by VHF Channel 10.

Vessels will be permitted to drop off and pick up guests Wednesday through Sunday at the designated location only. The loading and un-loading area is located on the South Dock. Vessels will not be permitted to tie up for any other reasons. North and Middle Docks will not be open to any vessels unless previously approved by SunFest.

Ticket Sales

The gate on the South Dock will be operated in the same manner as all other public gates. We will sell tickets and stamp for re-entry.

All BoatUS Members with Unlimited or Unlimited Gold on water towing will receive free roundtrip water taxi services. Members must present current BoatUS membership card to receive a free round trip.
For more information please visit the TowBoat U.S.-Palm Beach Facebook page.