Volunteer Spotlights

We’d like to recognize some of our volunteers for going above and beyond with their contributions at SunFest.
We thank you for ALL that you do!
Rebecca Seelig, Public Relations Committee, Committee Chair


What has been your favorite SunFest experience/moment? 

I have two favorite Sunfest moments— first was meeting Ed, the leader singer of Barenaked Ladies and asking him how he thought his Toronto Maple Leafs played that day, and second was watching Fall Out Boy with my 8-year-old son. He loves the band, and it was amazing sharing that experience with him.

When you’re not volunteering at SunFest, what are you doing? 

I own a PR firm, so I’m usually running around the county meeting with clients or reporters. I also spend a lot of time on the phone pitching story ideas to editors and TV producers. In addition, I have two little children that have multiple extracurricular activities after school, so you can also find me at their games and shows.

Which artists will we find on your iTunes?  

That is easy — Barenaked Ladies, but I also have Fall Out Boy, Taylor Swift, and The Police.

What is your favorite movie?  

Amelie is my absolute favorite movie. Beyond the cute story line, the cinematography of the movie was exquisite.

Russell Ketchem, Membership Committee, Vice Chair


What has been your favorite SunFest experience/moment?  

Watching my kids grow up during SunFest and now having them be able to volunteer at the event with me.  Nothing like being told what to do by your 18 year old son.  HA!

When you’re not volunteering at SunFest, what are you doing?  

It seems that I’m always running.  Between my son attending UCF, having a teenage daughter that always has to be chauffeured around, and a 100 pound 1-year old German Shepard puppy that always wants to go for a walk, I don’t have much time for anything else!

Where is your favorite Palm Beach County dining/watering hole?  

Duffy’s. Always good food.

Who is your favorite sports team?  

Miami Dolphins. You just have to cheer for the home team!

Becky Basil, TGi5K Committee, Committee Member


What has been your favorite SunFest experience/moment? 

After more than 20 years of volunteering for Sunfest choosing just one highlight is no easy task.  This year, when I had the opportunity to meet Lenny Kravitz, was definitely a very cool moment that will always be one of my favorites.    What still amazes me after all these years, is all the behind the scenes things that go on that I’m still learning about.    Working with, and getting to know so many amazing people over the past two decades shouldn’t be overlooked as a great experience.

When you’re not volunteering at SunFest, what are you doing?   

Recently, I’ve become addicted to my bootcamp workouts.  So, 3 or 4 days a week, I can be seen along Flagler with the Total Movement Group.   Also, I love to vacation!   I’m very fortunate to have had the opportunity in the past few years to travel to Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Costa Rica, France, The Netherlands, Belgium and several cruises.   Paris has easily become one of my favorite places.  I’m very social so being involved in a City that I love just comes natural.

What 3 words best describe you?  

Loyal, Fun and Energetic

Who has been your favorite SunFest performer?    

Snoop Dogg was definitely one of my favorite shows of all time at Sunfest. His energy was infectious and he got the crowd going in a way only he can.  If I had to pick a close second that would be Kid Rock.

President’s Pinnacle Award Winners

Melinda Dixon
Brad Pyfrin
Joe Schelorke
Nancy Vidal

Frans de Calonne
Geoff Livingston
Marshall Osofsky
Cindy Reppel

Rick Duprey
Kim Frohling
Beth Kaplan
Lisa Schillig

Chris Banks
Denise O’Connor
Karen Spitzer
Donna Woody

Christian Rodriguez
Brandy Upright
Jan “J.J.” Wolfe

Pat Hoskin
Allan Patti
William J. Storey
John Wilson

Brian Edwards
Blake Kettner

Bill Bramlett
Chris Anne Ayers
Carolyn Severing

Wilson Enriquez
Jason Harris
Sam Hadley
Ivan Rosa

Michael Balme
Karen Farruggia
Patrice King
Robert Lane
Evelyn Moody

Patty Laine
Ed Shelton
Floyd Keneson
Jodi Chapin
Kelly Dobbs
Susie Macon

Brenda Balme
Louise Candea
Dennis Alicea
Deborah Duprey
Ed Holland
Harriet Leibowitz

John Tamsberg
Petey Glover
Donna Stein
Shaun Castillo
William Cruise

Ricki Freedman
Dawn Helton
Michael Weeks
Patti Hammond
Russ Ketchem
Peter Wellman
Greg Fagan
Susan Chapman

Don Laine
Robin Ramback
Dari Bowman
Gwynn Virastek
Steven Mayans
Stephania Juergen

Gene Russo
Ann Russo
Greg Rice
Dan Costello
Wil White
Patricia Gregory
Tom Dongilla
Anna Howard

Becky Foley
John Belden
Leanne Evans
Bill Walter
James Hoffman
Steve Yeckes

Jim Fuchs
Arlene Willman Muck
Mary Jacobs
Barbara Alterman
Bridgette Dei
Bob Broadway
Shirley Duffy

Amy Tolderlund
Phil Barbre
Sue Ellen Clarfeld
Colin Cassidy
Thomas Burns
Rick Sartory

Iva Grady
Terry Jonethis
Red Dunn