More Than Music

To meet our nonprofit mission of giving back to the community, we focus on:

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Music Scholarships

Funding $4,000 annually to a local high school senior.

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Helping Neighbors

Donating 800 festival tickets to local nonprofit organizations annually.

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Nonprofit Assistance

Offering 20+ nonprofits the ability to raise $120,000 annually.

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Team SunFest

2,127 volunteers work 19,512 hours annually at SunFest.

Kids’ Day

Opening early for 250 children with special needs to enjoy SunFest in a crowd-friendly atmosphere with music and art programs.

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College Internships

Mentoring students with a future in event management, marketing and communications.

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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Providing a bike valet and pre-paid parking to encourage carpooling. Utilizing digital tickets and reducing handouts.

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Recycling and Reusing

Donating excess food to food pantries. Reusing tents, tables, docks, signage and more each year. SunFest 2023 recycled nearly 43% of the waste generated at the festival.

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Partnering with Lagoon Keepers for post-event Intracoastal clean-up. Eliminated helium balloons and plastic straws.

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Prosperity for Palm Beach County

SunFest by the Numbers

 SunFest 2023 generated $10 million in Economic Impact for Palm Beach County.
2,140 jobs were supported.
$263,,900 to local taxes were generated as a result of SunFest.
64% of Non-residents utilized paid lodging while attending SunFest.