SunFest Goes Green

SunFest makes a serious commitment to the conservation of Palm Beach County’s environment. Through the “SunFest Goes Green Behind the Scenes” environmental program, SunFest incorporates the environment into our event operations.



SunFest makes every effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our carbon footprint through the promotion of alternative transportation such as bike valets, group shuttles and pre-paid parking incentives for carpooling.

On the administrative side, SunFest will recruit, schedule and correspond with all volunteers virtually to limit paper use. The entertainment application process is conducted virtually also to eliminate the submission of paper applications.


SunFest rents all equipment on the event site each year, which includes tables, tents, chairs, flooring, and garbage receptacles to promote reuse. The three floating barges and dock area are reused each year and are constructed and deconstructed just for this event.


Through SunFest’s efforts, over 500,000 pounds of materials have been recycled during the five-day event. This material consists of corrugated cardboard, plastic and glass.

We go Green Behind the Scenes thanks to our partners at Solid Waste Authority.