Review: Young the Giant


Photo By: Chris Salata

 I wrote in my first blog post of the season that one of my top bands to see was California’s Young the Giant. I had becoming smitten with the band of talented indie rock boys back in 2010, after hearing their name circulate among fans of Minus the Bear and Neon Trees.

The first time I caught them (at Austin City Limits Music Festival in Austin) I was blown away by their energy and Sameer Gadhia’s vocals. Now three years later, I’m even more confident this band is on path to stardom.

Amid dueling fog machines, the band emerged with a ferocious energy that made me jealous. Jealous to be in the crowd. I have no drive or desire to play a musical instrument, but I just wanted to share in their side of the experience. They were having more fun than us, the attendees. Their energy was contagious, pouring off the stage and touching everyone before them.


Photo By: Chris Salata

Smashing a tambourine against his hip, Gadhia launched the band into “Anagram”  off their new record “Mind Over Matter,” which just dropped in January. Admittedly, I haven’t sat with it in silent worry that it would not live up to their debut work. Silly move on my part. I was sitting in the sold-out waterfront hospitality area falling in love with all the new sounds.

 Gadhia’s voice is truly remarkable. It contains the right amount of ache at just the right moment. It sounds perfect in a yell. I could listen to him sing the phonebook.

The band performed “It’s About Time” and “I Got” before the leader singer stopped to quip, “We’re not ones to talk very much. We like non-stop music.” Before plunging into “Eros.”

Young the Giant also rocked “Waves,” “Firelight,” and their hits “My Body,” “Cough Syrup.”


Photo By: Chris Salata

I keep a quiet list of bands that I fell in love with long before they hit Billboard’s “Top 40.” I beg you, with every bit of my hearing that’s still in tact, lend Young the Giant a listen, even if you weren’t at their amazing set yesterday. You will be impressed (as will your co-workers, mother and therapist, when the band becomes outrageously in demand).

Trust me.