Experience the Magic of Volunteering with Team SunFest 

Every year, SunFest comes alive with the sounds of music, laughter, and community spirit. At the heart of this vibrant celebration are the dedicated volunteers who form Team SunFest, the volunteer program sponsored by Publix Super Markets and the WRMF KVJ Army. With over 2,000 volunteers, Team SunFest plays a crucial role in making SunFest a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Volunteering at SunFest is not just about giving your time; it is also about becoming a part of a dynamic group united by a shared passion for music and the arts and giving back to the community. Whether you’re a seasoned volunteer or considering volunteering for the first time, SunFest offers a welcoming environment where every contribution is valued and appreciated.

Volunteers are treated to tons of perks, including free parking for easy access to the festival grounds, and complimentary admission on their volunteering day, allowing them to soak in the fun before or after their shift. Additionally, volunteers are provided with free food and drinks during their shift, ensuring they stay energized throughout their time at SunFest.

SunFest strives to cultivate a sense of belonging and community. As part of Team SunFest, volunteers become part of a supportive and inclusive environment where their efforts are recognized and celebrated. Whether you’re helping with logistics, engaging with attendees, or assisting with activations, every role contributes to creating a memorable experience for festivalgoers.

In essence, volunteering with Team SunFest is more than just lending a helping hand—it’s about being part of a dynamic community, experiencing the magic of music and art, and creating lasting memories. So, put on your official Team SunFest t-shirt, join the team, and let’s make this year’s SunFest an unforgettable celebration of music, community, and volunteerism!