And It Begins!


Today is the day! The first day of SunFest 2014!

An important nugget of advice is to pace yourself over the next five days. There will be a lot of sunshine. There will be much dancing. Delicious, refreshing drinks will be thoroughly enjoyed. Try not to exhaust yourself today with all the amazing acts to kick us off!

As soon as you get off work, head for the water and grab a spot in front of the Ford Stage for The Vegabonds. These six Nashville-based men are the perfect way to kick off the season. Their rugged and rootsy rock will ease you out of your work-induced coma and into the sunshine state of mind.

The Vegabonds are said to be tour masters, performing hundreds of shows and embarking on two European tours. What does that mean? These seasoned musicians not only sound great in the studio, but they know how to command a crowd.

Do you like The Black Crowes? Do you like King of Leon? Good! Then you will like this hearty band. I’ll see you there.

Locally grown Surfer Blood will also take the stage today. I previewed this band I’ve grown up watching in another blog, and I’m looking forward to reviewing their SunFest set. I am a loyal fan to Surfer Blood’s sound and hope you take the time to welcome these West Palm Beach natives home.

As the sun begins to set, surf music king Dick Dale will keep the crowd moving. Dale released his first album in 1962 and continued to release a dozen other albums. Hailing from California, he is often credited to introducing the use of guitar reverb, which has become a foundation of surf music.

Another nugget I read is Dale worked closely with Fender to create custom amplifiers, including a 100-watt amp for guitars.

Dale is sure to impress new and old fans with his refreshing energy and beach-inspired guitar sounds. Grab a corndog (or bacon cupcake) and check him out.

Our headliners tonight are Cake and Kid Rock, and neither needs an introduction. Both of these talented acts have contributed to the soundtracks of our summers for many years. Check back tonight for reviews of both sets!

I’ll see you in a few hours, South Florida!