Five Sunfest Must-Haves


Photo by: Chris Salata

Can you believe three fun-filled days have gone by? Robin Thicke, Kid Rock, Sky Blu and so many more have rocked our lives. Are we having fun, you might ask? Duh. But it’s not just the jams keeping the smile on our face. Check out our five things we don’t suggest you miss.


Hungry? I mean, do you really need an excuse to eat? Luckily even the pickiest of eater can chow down. From Greek to grilled corn, all is available hot of the grill. Come with an empty belly because we promise you will want to eat. A lot.


From you’re favorite American brew to a strong cockie, your favorite drinks is available. And hey, it’s the weekend. It’s okay to have more than one. Maybe even five? And here’s why: Most of your purchases of alcohol benefit high school bands, Project Graduation, and even different women organizations. Getting a little tipsy never felt so good.


Somehow, Sunfest wrangled in every kind of artist you would ever need in your life. We met a man who was a master artists recreating photos of legends like Aretha Franklin and Jimi Hendrix. Just a couple of tents down, there is a man who makes candles out of old beer bottles. A man not to miss is Jerry Openberg of Creativity In Wood out of Marco Island. Think the Florida version of Ron Swanson. He’s a bit of an emotionless wonder with a love for twos thing: carving and his wife. Hey, we can appreciate that.

After Party

Only in South Florida do you jam out all day and all night only to be welcomed to an after party to do the exact same thing. The folks of some Sunfest, along with Captain Morgan, have put a party on top of the water with lots of music, food and drinks. Really, could you ask for anything else?

People Watching

Last night, we enjoyed J. Cole and Doobie Brothers all in the same hour. As you can imagine, the crowds were quite different. But really, never have we enjoyed watching the people who flocked to the festival. Tweens in crop tops and braces? Yep. 50+ moms enjoying a night away from the husbands? Yep. A bunch of bros in college tees? Oh yeah, they are there. And here is the thing: all groups merge into one mega gang all enjoying themselves. If you’re not watching the stage, there is a good chance your just looking around taking in the scenery. If you get bored at Sunfest, you’re doing something wrong.