Need New Music?

Looking at SunFest’s lineup, I know you are not-so-secretly giddy for Cake, Sublime with Rome, and Pretty Lights. You can sing (or groove) along to all of their songs, and love sharing the tale of when you first heard “Badfish” or “Hot Like Sauce.”

But there are a handful of fantastic bands on the roster this year that many ears do not know. These budding artists are on the verge of something great, and you have the chance to see them now.

Imagine bragging to your friends/kids/coworkers about the first time you saw ______, on a sunny day by the Intracoastal with a turkey leg in hand. While you wander about Flagler Drive, checking out local art and fun cuisine, pause to listen to the “unknown” musicians. You may be surprised by what you hear.

This will get you started:

Genre: Pop/punk, hip hop and electro
If You Like: Karen O, MIA, Bat For Lashes
Best Time To Listen: While getting ready before a night out on Clematis

Genre: Reggae, hip hop, and pop
If You Like: Shwayze, Slightly Stoopid, Twenty One Pilots
Best Time To Listen: Driving home from the beach with the wind in your hair

The Vegabonds
Genre: New southern rock
If You Like: The Black Crowes, Kings of Leon, My Morning Jacket
Best Time To Listen: Sunday afternoon, after a heavy rain

Genre: Electro-funk
If You Like: Yousef, Infected Mushroom, ZEDD
Best Time To Listen: When you really, really want to party

Jillette Johnson
Genre: Pop
If You Like: Fiona Apple, Kate Bush, Sara Bareilles
Best Time To Listen: After you ran into your ex

We will see you by the water!