Sunday Preview: Rusted Root, Streetlight Manifesto, Monster Truck


Photo by: Chris Salata

What was that sound, you ask? Those are our tears as we realize this five-day musical masterpiece has come to an end. But hey – the sun is shinning and we are ready to go out in style.

With gates opening at noon sharp, the likes of Austin Mahone, Alice in Chains and Ellie Goulding will all be gracing us with their talents, there are three acts we highly suggest you check out.

Rusted Root

Stage/Time: Tire Kingdom Stage 1:15-2:45 p.m.

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Why You Should Get There Early: Being that its their 20th anniversary, they are no doubt going to show the crowd what has kept them on the road for two decades. Playing along the sides of Dave Matthews Bands and Santana, these guys are what festivals are all about. If you love live music, get there early and get ready to rock.

Streetlight Manifesto

Stage/Time: Tire Kingdom Stage 5:45-6:45 p.m.

Hometown: New Jersey

Why You Should Get There Early: “Seven guys, seven different musical backgrounds, seven different personalities, one band, one unique and unmistakable voice,” is how Streelight Manifesto describe their band. And really, it’s pretty spot on. Coming from the great state of New Jersey, they are a band hard to describe, but hard not to like. Even the biggest music snob will enjoy these guys. A little part Latin, a touch of funk, a little bit classical, they are described as “ska” but are so much more than that. So while we could spend the next couple of sentences trying to put these guys in a musical box, just go jam out to their hits like “Linoleum,” OK?

Monster Truck

Tire Kingdom Stage 5:45-6:45 p.m.

Hometown: Canada

Why You Should Get There Early: As a lover of music, I think we can all think of a time that we wanted to be in a band. I mean, the booze, broads and getting to do what you love. What else could you ask for? So with that, we have Monster Truck. Born out a few failed groups and a true love to rock, these Canadians formed in 2009 and never looked back. They are very Rage Against The Machine meets classic old school rock. When explaining what they do best, they explain that they “steamroll from town to town leaving legions of fans in their wake.” I mean, does it get any more rock star than that?