Sunday: Victims of Circumstance, SOSOS, Inner Circle


Photo by: Chris Salata

Today is the final day of SunFest 2014! If you haven’t had a chance to venture up to West Palm for a spectacular day of fun, this is your last chance. The weather is suppose to be perfect today! Leave the umbrellas at home and get here early to catch these great acts!

Stage/Time: Tire Kingdom Stage, noon
Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Why you should arrive early: I love a band that keeps an arsenal of wonderful instruments. SOSOS seems to be a collector of underused sounds because the South Florida band uses an upright bass, pump organ, acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, djembe, drums, melodica, and –get this– a box of rocks. The South Florida quintet has been able to steal their own slice of the scene with their acoustic roots and serious vocal harmonies.

They make a box of rocks sound good, people. Don’t miss them.

Victims of Circumstance
Stage/Time: Ford Stage, 12:45 p.m.
Hometown: Clearwater, Florida
Why you should arrive early: Another talented act grown from Florida sunshine (and probably a lot of coffee) is this five-piece band. The band began to take shape in 2005, when two of the musicians (guitarist Michael Smyth and drummer Glenn Stewart) were working long hours at a debt settlement company. Late night office work blossomed into late night jam sessions. Now almost 10 years later, the group is serving South Florida punk, ska and pop beats. Arrive hungry (how many times can I gush about the food?) and show some local love.

Inner Circle
Stage/Time: FPL Stage, 1 p.m.
Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
Why you should arrive early: You know that massive hit song, “Bad Boys?” The theme song of Fox Network’s longest-running television series “Cops?” This reggae group is responsible for that ultra-catchy track.

Brothers Ian and Roger Lewis created their band back in 1968, first covering popular soul and R&B hits. The original group was called The Inner Circle Band, but the group disbanded after lead singer Jacob Miller’s death in 1980. In 1986, the band reformed and their famous single warning hooligans was born that next year. The Grammy Award winning group has a foundation in reggae with pop and rock highlights, a mixture we love here in the Sunshine State. Check them out today!