SunFest Veteran At Your Service

Good morning South Florida!

I hope you’re ready for the 30th anniversary of one of the most unique waterfront festivals in the state. If not, you still have ample time to buy sunscreen, sandals, earplugs, and request next Monday off.

My name is Cassie Morien. I was born and raised in Boynton Beach, and the first time I attended SunFest I was strapped into a stroller.

I can recall at least 15 years of fireworks, corn dogs covered in ketchup, sparkly face paintings and grass-stained dresses. However, the SunFest memories I treasure most involve music.

This year may be my favorite yet (just narrowly surpassing MGMT’s phenomenal set last summer…and that one time my mother paid for Michael Bolton seats), because this year I’ll be reporting on the festivities, food and concerts you love. Right here. For you.

I’m currently web and shop editor for South Florida’s own Boca Raton magazine. When I’m not juggling social networking platforms, garbled HTML and fashion articles, I’m doing what I really love: consuming music.

I’ve been privileged to write for aXis Magazine, The Deli, and Austin Music + Entertainment, and now I get to help you navigate this spectacular weekend of music and art in our own backyard.

Get ready for SunFest 2012 to kick off in less than four days, six hours and 24 minutes!