Where To Stay For SunFest

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 8.26.09 AMOver the weekend, I traveled (for the first time) to Tulsa, Oklahoma for spectacular wedding between friends. My boyfriend and I decided to drive to the “Oil Capital of the World,” which is a hefty eight-hour commute from our Austin home. Usually, when we travel to new cities, I spend a good chunk of time researching and exploring hotels in the area, but for this fast, intensive trip we wanted a place that brought us both comfort and security. We immediately selected the local Hyatt. And while this particular mid-west hotel did not offer a beach breeze or palm tree view, that’s how I will forever associate the Hyatt Place– thanks to our favorite seaside festival.

The beautiful Hyatt Place in Downtown West Palm Beach is a proud sponsor of SunFest and the closest hotel to the festival’s gates. Whether you’re driving eight hours to reach South Florida, or are lucky enough to live here year-round, the Hyatt Place is the only place to stay.

This year, the Hyatt is offering SunFest attendees three exclusive packages, including a one- and two-night SunFest specials. (Trust me, treat yourself to multiple days.) Enjoy two-night accommodations, which includes 2 two-day general admission SunFest tickets, Wi-Fi, and car parking.

The Hyatt’s rooms are spacious and relaxing. After a long day of sun-kissed dancing by the sea, there is nothing better than falling on a clean, close bed. Speaking of close, the Hyatt Place also offers a convenient shuttle to and from SunFest’s gates, but walking works just fine.

These rooms fill up fast, so now is the best time to book. Learn more and select the package best for your staycation/vacation today. And when you see me in the elevator, please say hello!